Trading Psychology – Fear/Greed/Confidence/Accountability :

Mind Games! Most traders lose and/or fail because they are not psychologically prepared to trade. They are not prepared to accept the financial risk for something of which they have no control over the outcome. Trading is much more of a psychological problem then a methodological one, and only traders who have first accepted this have a chance of being consistently successful traders. Without an understanding of trading psychology and the various issues that circumvent method, there will be virtually no chance to overcome the fear, confusion, and despair that can be inherent in trading. Your psychological mind set is more critical than your trading methodology!

Accountability Coaching: Have you just “graduated” from a trading “school” or just finished a series of ‘How To Trade’ type books? Is your head swimming with all the possible ways to make trades? Does this cause you to be distracted by looking at one thing only to look back at another and see that the trade passed you by? Let me help you become a FEARLESS TRADER by focusing all that energy and excitement for trading to get you on the right foot to a profitable bottom line from the start. With weekly sessions to refine your trading style and build a solid trading program around it, you will be able to accelerate your learning and be far ahead of your peers in a much shorter time.

Breakthrough to The Next Level:  Do you have a trading style and plan that is working for you but have some blocks to taking all the trade set-ups or closing your trade out to early?  Do you “worry” if this trade will work out?  Do you sweat until your target is hit and then get mad if it keeps going your way but you are no longer in it?  This is a sign that your emotions are trading your plan and not you.  Let’s work together and BREAKTHROUGH that roller coaster cycle and get your trading on track!  And your bottom line will show a parabolic curve.  Only a couple of sessions are usually needed to achieve a much more comfortable trading situation for you.  Each session is individualized to your needs.