My Indicator/Product Has Stopped Working, What should I do?
Re-Installing NinjaTrader is the most common reason for this issue..

Prior to installing your product, you provided us with a specific ninjatrader machine id,
that was obtained specificially by using NinjaTrader’s built in 3rd Party Licensing Tool..

99% of the time, after re-installing NinjaTrader 7 or 8

You will also need to re-enter the 3rd Party Licensing Information for any software vendors

This is a very simple fix..  BUT.. This Part is Very Important!!!!

You must use the “Exact Same” (case sensitive) Unique Id as you did for your registration!!!


What if I do not remember the Unique ID previously used?

Easy, Just find the registration email you received when you purchased your product..
Your Unique ID is Everything After the dash of your Machine ID (mid) … It will be in the form of  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-UNIQUEID

Detailed Instructions for Entering NinjaTrader’s 3rd Party Licensing can be obtained Below!!
Ninjatrader 7 Machine Id and 3rd Party Licensing:
NinjaTrader 8 Machine Id and 3rd Party Licensing:
If after clicking submit, the newly generated machine id matches that in your registration email, You should be all Set…

At this point there is a 50/50 chance you will also have to re-register your product…
Re-Start NinjaTrader and check your Log Tab.. The Log Tab will give you detailed status of my products:
If you see or recieve a registration error, please follow the exact steps in your registration email to re-enter your information:
If the newly generated machine id does “Not Match” your registration email, a new registration will be required..

Please email support, the new machine id you would like to register, and the old one you are wanting to replace..
We will process and email your new registration information as soon as possible…