To Process Your Order and Registration, We will Need Some Additional Information….

Please follow the steps below, and paste/include the generated machine ID
in the Notes field of the Order Form during the CheckOut Process…

If by chance you missed the above step during the Purchase Process…
Please email the following Information to

User Name: (Your First and Last Name)
Product ID: (The Name of the Product you Purchased)
User Email: (Your PayPal Email will be used for registration)
Machine ID: (Instructions for Obtaining this are Outlined Below)

To obtain your unique machine ID, you will need to utilize NinjaTrader 8’s built in 3rd party licensing Utility.
This can be found under the Help Tab, of the NinjaTrader 8 Control Center.

1.) Please open up NinjaTrader 8, Navigate to your Control Center, left click on Help,  Then lift click – 3rd Party Licensing


A window will now appear that looks like this:


Now Please enter the following information:

2.) For vendor name, Please use – HighTechTradingAnalysis

3.) For user defined ID, Please use – Any Unique ID you want

Once you’ve entered this information, Click Submit:

4.) Copy and Paste/Save the automatically generated machine ID:

Please paste/include the generated machine ID in the Notes field of the Order Form during CheckOut.
or if by chance you missed that step, Please send the above requested information to

Thank You Very Much for your Purchase!